Our Team

Steve Looney, (LMT), Owner
Steve was a national and international Judo Champion for 45 years. He started Southwest Sports Massage back in 1993 and for the past 24 years has been a fitness advocate in the running community. He started running at the young age of 54. Running 16 marathons in four years! He still trains while running his business Southwest Sports Massage and directing the Fort Worth Marathon. All the while being an avid member of of the local running clubs and groups

About Southwest Sports Massage

Southwest Sports Massage was formed in 1993 to provide advanced sports massage services to amateur and professional athletes. While our home base is Fort Worth, Texas, we have traveled extensively serving Clients involved in professional basketball, hockey, baseball, rugby, PGA golf, boxing, Judo, equestrian competitions, track and field and long distance running.

Owner Steve Looney, a nationally known Judo instructor and sports massage therapist and instructor maintains an association with the U.S. Olympics Sports Massage Director and is currently working with eight contenders for the 2004 Olympics in track and field and triathlon events competing for the United States, Sweden and Kenya.

Southwest Sports Massage provides a highly structured sports maintenance massage program with pre-event, inter-event and post-event routines. These are specifically and scientifically designed routines proven to:

  • reduce muscle soreness from training and overuse (preventative maintenance)
  • increase speed and endurance, thereby enhancing the performance levels of athletes since sore muscles do not perform at their maximum ability.
  • speed recovery from injury.

Southwest Sports Massage separates itself from other massage therapy establishments by employing only those massage therapists trained extensively in sports and medical massage and who are themselves athletes. We pride ourselves in the fact that we understand and have personally experienced the pain of our Clients.


Southwest Sports Massage offers the following massage services.


Southwest Sports Massage has appointments available
Monday through Friday beginning at 8:00AM until 6:00PM.
We offer one hour and one-half hour sessions.